The European Sustainable Sportshoe resulted from joint forces.

Introducing SuperNatural Runner

The French sportswear brand “Circle Sportswear” just announced their most anticipated running shoe, delivering not only a made in Europe product but also the perfect balance between circularity and performance. We couldn’t be happier to see another project come to life with the contribution of our Super Critical Foaming “E-BLAST®” Technology.

This visionary project from Circle Sportswear stemmed from the collaboration not only with ALOFT, but also contributions from The Woolmark Company, Arkema, Lenzing Group and NFW. Combining technical knowledge and a passion for sustainability, all companies worked closely to create a shoe that not only meets the demands of elite runners but also embraces principles of environmental responsibility.

In addition to launching this revolutionary running shoe, Circle Sportswear made an appearance and was also recognized by the French program "QVEMA." The product's presentation on this prestigious program not only garnered a warm reception from the audience but also opened doors for investment opportunities. Thanks to the interest generated by the sustainable running shoe, Circle Sportswear secured an investment with a strategic partner, Anthony Bourbon, further solidifying the success of this project.

We are excited about the positive impact this partnership is having not only in the sports industry but also in the movement towards more sustainable and responsible practices, and with our Super Critical Foaming “E-BLAST®” Technology, sky is definitely not the limit.
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